“Before I started using oxygenated water I was feeling very vague, light headed and dizzy. Now I feel alert, aware of my surroundings and don’t feel dizzy anymore. I am now down to one puff every three days – wow! What an improvement, still no signs of any asthma attacks. I find I am feeling healthier and am financially better off.” – Careen, Parmelia

“I have been drinking oxygenated water for 3 months. I am a national Olympic weight lifter. I have already noticed the difference in my recovery time; I don’t feel so drained after training or when I am competing. It has helped bring down my blood pressure.” – Garth Van den Ende – (National Gold Medallist, Olympic weight lifter)

“I have been drinking oxygenated water for the past 3 months. Over that period I have realized that I have not used my Ventolin puffer at all. I also suffer from harsh migraine headaches and have noticed that if I drink a couple of glasses of oxygenated water at the first sign of one it doesn’t develop into a full-blown migraine. I don’t like to take medication and it is reassuring to know that I can use a natural product instead of drugs. OxyFresh it is!!” – Renee, Rockingham

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