Get The Hit Without Sugar

OxyFresh® is a specially formulated water that combines water and oxygen through a GIE® energised process.

Here are some key points about OxyFresh®:

  1. High Oxygen ContentOxyFresh® boasts an impressive 700% more oxygen compared to other waters. This increased oxygen content contributes to its unique properties.
  2. Crystalline Molecular Structure: Similar to water found in the Himalayas, OxyFresh® has a ‘living’ quality with a crystalline molecular structure. This structure is believed to enhance its health benefits.
  3. Health BenefitsOxyFresh® is associated with various health advantages with improved overall hydration that supports to boost immunity and detoxification processes.
  4. Trace Elements: To further enhance its properties, OxyFresh® contains 84 trace elements essential for life. These elements are sourced from the highest quality Himalayan salt.


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