GIE® Water Activation Technology

The Genesis of GIE® Water Activation Technology: In 1998, Proceeding GmbH unveiled a groundbreaking innovation in water activation—the GIE® Water Activation Technology. Through rigorous studies, innovative methodologies, and collaborations with visionaries like Patrick Flanagan, this technology emerged as a pioneer in the field of water activation. Its effectiveness was validated through scientific research, earning accolades such as the Gold Medal—a testament to its transformative potential.

The Principles of GIE® Water Activation Technology: At its core, GIE® Water Activation Technology harnesses the power of extreme turbulence and frequency transmission to transform tap water into a structured, activated elixir of vitality.

The 15 principles of function of the GIE® Water Activation Technology:

All of these 15 principles of function work synchronously and activate themselves as soon as the usual tap water pressure of 4 bar is developed:

1.           Sub-dividing the water flow into two tubes after entering the activator (System Aqua-Ligro). 

2.           First Schauberger-Turbulation caused by rotation in tube windings (System Viktor Schauberger).               

 3 /9 Turbulation caused by magnetically achieved northern resp. southern oriented polarity of the water molecules with sudden change of spin-orientation (System Patrick Flanagan).              

 4.          Permanent-magnetic caused ionisation of the water.        

5.           Permanent-magnetic caused alteration of the water’s lime-structure leads to softer water which is better for the skin and thereby requires less consumption of washing powder.

6.           Turbulation caused by 17-fold pressure/suction subsequence in a thousand intervals ( System Aqua-Ligro).

7.           17-fold high/low-pressure subsequence in a thousand intervals causes increased Oxygen concentration, which deactivates the major part of low organized bacteria. (System Aqua-Ligro).

8.           Turbulation caused by building strong electro-magnetic fields with different field-vectors. As the water flows the floating ions make these fields penetrate the tubes and the space in between them. Therefore, no electric current is needed. (System Aqua-Ligro).

10.        Transmission of the information of numerous natural materialistic frequencies.

11.        Transmission of the information of numerous natural immaterialistic frequencies as there are red sky, sunset glow, midday sunlight, full moon light, frequency of the earth’s pulsation, planet’s frequencies and other natural frequencies.

12          High grade shielding against the effects of electro-smog. (System Aqua-Ligro).

13.        Massively increased integration of oxygen in GIE Water.

14.        5-fold orgon-charging by layer-system (System Wilhelm Reich).

15.        Seocnd Schauberger-Turbulation caused by rotation in tube windings (System Viktor Schauberger).

Conditions for Stable Water Activation: For water activation to be effective and stable, certain conditions must be met. These include the deletion of pollutant frequencies stored in the molecular structure of water, neutralization of existing pollutants, and effective protection against electro-smog. GIE® Water Activation Technology addresses these conditions comprehensively, ensuring that the activated water maintains its purity and vitality over time.

Experience the Difference with GIE® Water Activation Technology: In a world where hydration is often overlooked or taken for granted, GIE® Water Activation Technology offers a refreshing departure—a return to the essence of holistic wellness. By incorporating activated water into your daily routine, you’re not just quenching your thirst; you’re nourishing your body, mind, and spirit with the transformative power of structured, vitalized water.