In the future we will define water quality not only chemically but also by its frequency spectrum.

While our drinking and bottled water are chemically pure to a large extent, they are vital-energetically dead. They no longer contribute to detoxing our body. Pure, uncontaminated ‘living’ water, however, is a kind of a solvent for our body. It purges and detoxifies the connective tissue, is multi-active, separates metabolic poisons and energises metabolic processes and digesting.

OxyFresh ® uses the unique, patented and all-natural GIE ® water-activation and energising process to make it ‘living’ water, just like you would find in the far reaches of the Himalayas.

Water has a disorganised molecular structure. The GIE ® process uses 15 different functions to restore these water molecules to a harmonic crystalline geometric structure. This structure acts like a harp and resonates a high level of vibration. It regains its full natural power and allows the water to vibrate its ‘living’ natural frequency.

In this form, OxyFresh ® promotes maximum absorption, stops bloating and, of course, tastes better. Long-term users of GIE ® water are continuously amazed by its cumulative benefits.


Water is life. It is the most receptive of all the elements.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a renowned scientist in the field of water, has identified that low-quality water can be restored to its pure, crystalline structure by playing music to it, blessing it, thinking loving thoughts, or even attaching a thank you note to its container!

The philosophy behind Dr. Emoto’s investigations and the GIE ® process used in OxyFresh ® is the same: the best quality water has a pure, harmonic, crystalline structure. That’s what you get with OxyFresh ®.