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Using a unique and all-natural process, OxyFresh perfectly blends water and oxygen to give you one of the most highly oxygenated waters available. OxyFresh has up to 700% more oxygen than other waters. It is also a ‘living’ water, with a crystalline molecular structure much like the water found high up in the Himalayas, complete with amazing health benefits. And for an added boost, OxyFresh contains the 84 trace elements vital to life via a pinch of the highest quality Himalayan salt.





Studies indicate numerous health benefits from drinking oxygen-enriched water: from improvement in general immunity and respiration, to detoxification and even, the reduction of migraines.

Our bodies are made up of more than 70% water in crystalline form. This is why OxyFresh, the water of life, can make a difference to your overall health and vitality.

This amazing, revolutionary and scientifically proven product is proudly manufactured in Australia by Refresh, a locally owned company. And as Australia's largest producer of pure distilled drinking water, we know our water.

If you care about your health, drink the best. Drink OxyFresh. It’s simply, better water.





OxyFresh water is pure water. A pinch of the highest quality Himalayan salt (not refined table salt) containing all the 84 trace elements vital to life is added. The importance of good quality salt for the body has been long known. This unique combination of life-giving elements is combined in OxyFresh, the water of life.

Get the hit - without the sugar

The OxyFresh keg is the hero of the OxyFresh range. While tap or filtered water contains only 4 - 7mg of oxygen per litre, the OxyFresh keg contains 80mg of oxygen per litre. The keg is specially designed and pressurised to preserve the high oxygen content. It is the perfect water-dispensing solution for gyms, offices and homes alike.


In the future we will define water quality not only chemically but also by its frequency spectrum.

While our drinking and bottled water are chemically pure to a large extent, they are vital-energetically dead. They no longer contribute to detoxing our body. Pure, uncontaminated ‘living’ water, however, is a kind of a solvent for our body. It purges and detoxifies the connective tissue, is multi-active, separates metabolic poisons and energises metabolic processes and digesting.

OxyFresh uses the unique, patented and all-natural GIE® water-activation and energising process to make it ‘living’ water, just like you would find in the far reaches of the Himalayas.

Tap or distilled water has a disorganised molecular structure. The GIE® process uses 15 different functions to restore these water molecules to a harmonic crystalline geometric structure. This structure acts like a harp and resonates a high level of vibration. It regains its full natural power and allows the water to vibrate its ‘living’ natural frequency.

In this form, OxyFresh promotes maximum absorption, stops bloating and, of course, tastes better. Long-term users of GIE® water are continuously amazed by its cumulative benefits.


Water is life. It is the most receptive of all the elements.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a renowned scientist in the field of water, has identified that low-quality water can be restored to its pure, crystalline structure by playing music to it, blessing it, thinking loving thoughts, or even attaching a thank you note to its container!

The philosophy behind Dr. Emoto’s investigations and the GIE® process used in OxyFresh is the same: the best quality water has a pure, harmonic, crystalline structure. That’s what you get with OxyFresh.

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“Before I started using oxygenated water I was feeling very vague, light headed and dizzy. Now I feel alert, aware of my surroundings and don’t feel dizzy anymore. I am now down to one puff every three days - wow! What an improvement, still no signs of any asthma attacks. I find I am feeling healthier and am financially better off.” - Careen, Parmelia

“I have been drinking oxygenated water for 3 months. I am a national Olympic weight lifter. I have already noticed the difference in my recovery time; I don’t feel so drained after training or when I am competing. It has helped bring down my blood pressure.” - Garth Van den Ende - (National Gold Medallist, Olympic weight lifter)

“I have been drinking oxygenated water for the past 3 months. Over that period I have realized that I have not used my Ventolin puffer at all. I also suffer from harsh migraine headaches and have noticed that if I drink a couple of glasses of oxygenated water at the first sign of one it doesn’t develop into a full-blown migraine. I don’t like to take medication and it is reassuring to know that I can use a natural product instead of drugs. OxyFresh it is!!” - Renee, Rockingham

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